giovedì 25 febbraio 2016

Srickers mania

  Were the beginning of the 90’ s when our love was personified by Dylan McKain, every woman pretended to have Kelly Taylor’s wardrobe, Donna Martin ’s body and Brenda Walsh’s style.

   Were the 90’ s when girls had a stupid bangs, wore high waist levis jeans, oversize jackets and choker necklace.

  Were the 90’s when in the United States , Stickers and Gadget by Lisa Frank were a sort of status symbol for each teenager.
  Them extravagant, funny and sometimes kitch, were a sort of rebel status in that time.
  Despite their rebel and fashion status they were always been used by our mothers to patched up our dropped trousers or t-shirt.

   From the last fashion season they are powerfully be back in our heart, like a trend who nobody can not do without, a very funny way to customize precious things and transform a serie product in something that is so special and above all unique. 
   A tangible example is Anya Hindmarch, with her funny leather stickers and very particular bags, that bought out of mind a lot of fashion victim and influencer, like Kendal Jenner, Cara Delevigne and Chiara Ferragni.
  The new collection includes very particular new pieces, like agendas, pencil case and skater shoes.
  The price range is from 275£ for a pencil case to 1995 £ for a bag, so a very luxury way to be a 90’s rebel.
  A lot of the pieces are already sold out in her web site
  And you?
  Are you ready to left your chanel bag at home and go out with a stickers bag?

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